The game Journey to the Wealth is from the PG SLOT camp, and it is based on a well-known mythology called Sai Yew.

Sai Yew tells the narrative of a pilgrimage party that journeys to the Indian subcontinent in order to summon the Tripitaka and propagate the religious teachings.

Sia Ew’s Journey to Wealth slot machine is a user-friendly game that offers decent payouts.

Sai Yew slot game Is a video game that takes its cues from the well-known film “Sai Yue, the fight of the monster shaking the sky,” which tells the tale of a group of pilgrims making their way across the Indian subcontinent in an effort to invoke the Tripitaka. The camp PG SLOT has been transformed into a themed online slots game that can be enjoyed by players in a lighthearted manner thanks to the efforts of a team led by Phra Tang Samsung, Sun Ngok Kong, Tu Poi Kai, and Sua Jeng. clear and concise visuals There are several very interesting sound effects. as well as having stunning visual effects Can play and enjoy all day with a win rate of up to 96.39% of the game, it is another money-making game that many slot masters like to play as well. Can play and enjoy all day long with a jackpot that can go as high as 200,000 coins. Get in touch with the staff as soon as possible in order to take advantage of these recommended promotions: make a deposit of $50 and receive $100, or make a deposit of $50 and receive $200.

From the PG side of the camp, here’s how to play Hong Kong’s slot machines. Bonuses frequently break.

The objective of the Hong Kong slot games is the same as that of the other games offered at the PG SLOT camp, which is to hit the spin button in order to let the slot wheel spin in order to award solely random winnings. In the event when three to five symbols are drawn along the pay line or payline, the prize will be computed immediately according to the payment rate associated with that picture. The overall game system consists of five reels, three rows, and thirty pay lines. The symbols in the game have a science fiction theme, and there are distinct symbols on each of the ten different card faces. The specifics and payment rates for these symbols are as follows:

A golden Bodhisattva hand serves as the Wild symbol in this game. The primary function of this award symbol is that it may stand in for any other award symbol. A maximum payout rate of 500 is available, with the Scatter symbol being the only exception.

A golden text represents the Scatter sign in the game. There is a key feature that must be activated in order to access the additional elements of the game.

The insignia of the image of the Samsung Buddha. The maximum rate of payment is 400 times the wager.

There is a maximum payout rate of 300, and it is represented by the Sun Wukong symbol.

There is a maximum payout rate of 200, and it has the Tu Poi Kai symbol.

There is a maximum payout rate of 150 available with the Sao Jeng Symbol.

The payoff rate for the letter A symbol is a maximum of 100 times the wager.

The letter K has the potential to pay out a maximum of 80 coins.

The highest possible payment for the letter Q symbol is fifty dollars.

The highest possible payoff for the letter J symbol is thirty dollars.

Slot game with a special bonus and 8,000 times the prize

When two or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the playing grid, the Journey to the Wealth slot game’s unique bonus or free spins feature is activated. Players can win up to eight free spins during this round.

The free spins bonus feature of the game is closely connected to the Wild symbol. The more Wild symbols that are gathered, the better the player’s chances are of winning the game’s prizes. Read first before moving on to the next activity.

If you gather three Wild symbols, the Tang Samjang Buddha symbols will all transform into Wild symbols, and you will be awarded two more free spins.

If you manage to gather six Wild symbols, all of the Tang Samsung and Hong Kong symbols will transform into Wild symbols, and you will be awarded two more free spins.

In the event that nine Wild symbols are collected, the picture of the Samsung Buddha will appear. Every Hong Kong and Tu Poikai will turn into Wild symbols, and you will receive two more free spins as a result.

When 9 Wild symbols are accumulated, the remaining Pilgrimage symbols transform into Wild symbols, and the player receives 2 more free spins.

The conclusion of the Journey to the Wealth game, which may be played with real money

The Journey to the Wealth slot game is an entertaining slot game from the PG SLOT camp that has the potential to generate a profit of up to 8,000 times with only one eye. You can gain access to this Hong Kong slot game by applying for membership with the PGSLOTAUTO website via the homepage of the website or by sending information to the staff to apply instead via LINE@. If you are successful in your application, you will receive a bonus that will allow you to play the game 24 hours a day.






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